This photograph shows a plastic green and purple razor on a pink background. It is shaving the first layer, showing a second bubbly skin underneath. This is showing the motion in which the razor is intended to be used. Moreover this is used as a metaphor related to a famous quote “you should not judge […]

Race track.

The race track, inspired by the find of a small, blue, plastic car. Photographed on our garden table which is made of polywood, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from waste plastic bottles.

Still water

Alessi Ship Shape Butter Dish (Yellow) by Stefano Giovannoni and Paul Van Lersel Harry. The photograph was taken as part of a still life and studio lighting exercise. The butter dish is still in use today.

My happy place

The hockey pitch, an astroturf, is my happy place. I can go there to have fun, make friends, destress by hitting some hockey balls and keep safe wearing my gum shield. Plastic makes those things possible.

plastic vanitas